Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Iconoclasm, in the traditional sense of the definition, is the deconstruction of images related to a specific religion or belief system icon, beginning with Christianity in the Byzantium period . In modern times, iconoclasm is based more on censorship of a specific religion.
A modern example of iconoclasm would be the depiction of Muhammed in a Danish cartoon satire in 2005 and 2006. Danish Muslims ignited a controversy over the depiction of Muhammed in several cartoon segmets. Their disappointment over the cartoons was based on religous beliefs that Muhammed should never be depicted in paintings, sculpures, etc. Essentially any image whatsoever. They spoke out in public protests to spread the knowledge of the depiction in the cartoon.
In an attempt to satirize the Danish controversy, the creators of the animated television show, "South Park," who had already depicted the prophet as a superhero, wanted to depict him again in another episode, and were subsequently rejected by the parent company. They rejected a certain scene, mainly due to the protesting and violence that was erupting in the Islamic culture. The creators of "South Park" decided instead to change the scene to display Comedy Central's double standard of censorship, depicting George W. Bush and Jesus defecating on the American flag.
This is an excellent example of iconoclasm. Even still today, respect is an essential aspect of well-being between different cultures and religions, and respect still goes a long way. Even though we still have the freedom to depict our opinions and have the right to free speech, even in the depiction of our beliefs, some others cannot. Though this is still a form of censorship in our country, we should still not step on the toes of others cultures, nor their icons. I would not enjoy the same "respect", in return, satire or not.

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