Monday, April 20, 2009

The Blending of Pagan and Christian World Views

If one examines of the art of lets say the Lindisfarne Gospels or other artistic work of the time than it is clear that pagan rituals from the conquered "barbarians" affected the christian ruled artists. In the cross carpet page, folio 26 verso from our book on page 307 the Christan cross is being combined with a boarder of intertwined birdlike serpents. The animal transformations of pagan tradition are specifically an intermingling of northern outer European lands with those of the southern catholic traditions. Not only does is the combination of the two become apparent in art but in our ever day religions such as symbols of Christmas. An example is the Christmas tree. Christmas are a Christianization of pagan tradition in that it was used during the Winter Solstace and pagan tree worship. People should not be so quick to judge others of a different religion until they really know where they're own originated from. You also cannot forget the persecutions that practicing Christians put on pagans. This had an undeniable affect on the past religions by basically incorporating old religious practice and consuming them at the same time. History can display so many truths about the reasons behind the actions of some of the more religiously fervant of our race. Monotheism doesn't have very much room for religious tolerance of a religion that worships and endless number of gods. Pagan veiws influenced the artists, they invluenced the artist's imagination, and the artist's social perception. That means that others of the time were equally moved by the things they saw around them everyday. Art gives us a unique view into the links between people in history that no other medium could achieve.

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