Friday, March 20, 2009

Verism in Roman Art

Art had a big role within the Roman government for it gave way to its Representatives to show how much importance and power they held in their Republican positions. Moreover, people would know of their important roles that they made within their position.  Therefore, these Republican figures focused on showing their true identities by ordering their portraits to have the whole true aspect of their faces.  within this perspective, the term Verism came to personify the Roman ideal of showing their true visage along with their power.

Even though their art had much influence from Greek and Hellenistic art, they composed their portraits with the means of only using their true characteristics; if they were old, and most were for older men were held responsible to the Roman government, their portraits showed their real current age instead of portraying their younger face.
These portraits had every detail an flaw the Republican figures pertained within their era.  Verism gave way to show individualism within the Roman government. they felt the need to show their true identity, so they could be remembered as great rulers and not just attractive personifications of themselves.  

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