Saturday, March 21, 2009

Roman Verism

The Romans created their art displaying verism. Verism is just another way of saying that they portrayed their subjects as what they really were and how they really looked. The Romans also believed that with age came power. So it was only natural to display their authority figures as older men/women. The older people were looked up to for their vast amounts of knowledge and power.

The Romans were very realistic people. They had a government that worked and brought about this new form of art. They were very different from their Greek counterparts. The Greeks were all about youth and strong, muscular men. They portrayed their gods and mortals as very youthful. The Romans did not seem to care how strong someone was or how muscularly fit they were. They were all about showing what was really going on and what people were really like. I think this is a better way of doing this. It makes people more memorable. Although staying young is not a bad thought, when I get old and die, I want people to remember me as what I really looked like and not some strange person. It will be fresh in people's memories if I were kept the same as I was.

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