Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Greek Influence in Today's World

The old beliefs and inventions Greeks pertained as part as their characteristics that placed them separately from other cultures during that era, are still practiced among the world today.

Architectural structures are still influenced today by Greek architecture. Most of the buildings that have been built in our era contain a general amount of Greek structures such as the Ionic and Doric columns. Most of the buildings today, including the capital buildings in Washington, contain these structural columns that give support to the building. Furthermore, the Greek pediment can be seen in most of these buildings also, along with the block statues.

The concept of the Greek portrayal in the human figure is also still influential in today's world. Perfection in human figure is still considered the same as that era. Men are to be athletic with powerful and perfect bodies. On the other hand, the physic of a woman is different today; they are only perfect if they are skinny. A woman's beauty, however, is still similar to the Greek beauty of the goddesses. Even humanism is still practiced among us. The intellectual mind is still considered to be an important characteristic among people and is greatly awarded.

today's art is still influenced by the Greek contrapostto and the fantastic mythology of the gods and supernatural creatures. The Nike shoes is one great example of the influence of Greek mythology.

I think that Greek influence will never be forgotten for it was the first true presentation of human intellectual and perfection ever seen in the world. The beauty that was created around that period, will always influence every era of this world.

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