Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Price of Art.......Where Would We be Without it?

I define art as the the beauty that an object has to the viewer. This however means that art can be in many shapes and forms. It also means that art does not have to be a physical object. Most people however, create art in physical forms without even knowing it. In this terrible case with the Iraqi war; the history of our art and culture is being slowly taken away like dust in the wind. To look at the future we must first acknowledge the past. The first forms of scribing was found in Iraq around 3000 b.c. These forms are found on stone. These stones are now being destroyed because of a crazy war. Most of the time war is inevitable. The war however, is not about priceless art. These stone scribing is a great history of our modern day language. I would consider this to be a great form of art because one can look into the mind of a person 5000 years ago, then slowly see how far humans have come in the world. This art to me is priceless. however, it is being destroyed and stolen, because of a war. How can we look at our present technology and compare how far we have come if we have no record of our beginning. These attacks, that are destroying priceless artifacts are also in a way destroying our technology appreciation. If we do not protect these precious goods, then it would be depressing thinking that the art we are creating now, might just be stolen or destroyed in the future. To protect these antuiqes, I feel that all of these forms of art should be kept in a place of peace. I know that it would be a great deal to gather all of the forms of art and transport them all of the time. However, it is impossible to replace these priceless objects. I would suggest keeping the art together and transporting the art into meuseums in a place of peace at the current time such as Europe. If there were a great war in Europe, I would then transport these antiques to another continent in which there is no war. Like I say, I know that this would be a great hassel, it is however, better than letting these antiques be destroyed or stolen because of a war.

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