Monday, February 16, 2009

The Egyptians had it right!

Throughout history, humans have always longed for eternity while questioning the outcomes and motives of their lives. This was no different with the Egyptians- they spent their entire lives preparing for the afterlife. Religion was an important role to help deal and understand death, as it still is in the present day. This is why i believe that the Egyptians seemed so preoccupied with continuity and permanence.
Egyptian kings spent most of their time preparing for their final resting tomb. Most of these great ancient tombs had a lot of thought put into them, although to this day we do not understand it completely. But what we do understand, is that the Egyptians built these huge pyramids with a main focus. This focus is the openings that faced certain groups of stars, and led to the kings chamber. The ancient Egyptians did this because they believed that their king would be sent into the stars after dying through these "portals" and actually become "an indestructible" among the stars themselves. As for the people building these great tombs for their king, they too believed that if they put hard work into the tomb that they would become eternal alongside their king.
The great Pyramid of Giza is a perfect example of the hard work, time, and teamwork the Egyptians put into preparing for the afterlife- and the perfect example that their hard work actually did make them permanent here on Earth. It is almost a mystery how these ancient people could build such an amazing monument without the help of modern technology. But what they actually achieved is permenence on earth. The great pyramid is the only ancient wonder of the world that is still in existence, and that seems like the ultimate permenence and continuity to me.

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