Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Should art be intentional or representaional in order to be art?

I do not think art needs to be intentional or representational to be considered art. I personally don't think I am an artist but at times I catch myself doodling on a piece a paper and then it makes out to be something I didn't expect. I can sometimes see how it can reflect a point in my life. Another example of why art doesn't have to be intentional is the water worn pebble we talked about today. It was created by water warring it down over the years. Someone might have added color to the pebble but it was still art.

I also believe art does not need to be representational. There are many artist that use splatter painting and it doesn't make out anything. But, to them or someone else it might represent how they felt that particular day. If they use the color red it might represent anger to them or someone else. I believe one should be left to interpret whatever one wants from the paintings. Also, if the person seems to have a good life then you tend to see everything good and happy in the art. If the person has had an abusive life then they will see the art differently.

In conclusion, I believe art does not need to be intentional or representational in order to be considered art.

What is Art?

I think aren't can be defined as a creation made by an artist or person that expresses their feelings and thoughts about things.

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