Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The view of government funding for the arts

99.9 billion dollars goes towards education in the United States. Which is a huge amount when viewed alone. Looking at 99.9 next to 283.1 is a drastic difference, 283.1 billion dollars is going towards people on welfare. So if looked at the same way threw my eyes almost three times the percentage of the government spending for education goes toward the uneducated. I believe and know it is the new trend for some races to be on and depend on the American tax dollar. I know this from being incarcerated with these people. I believe they believe it is ok to lean on the hard workingman because their parents did. If these segments of society would rise above and use other tax dollars other then welfare I believe America would be a lot better off. Rising above meaning using government spending of the education side that is. If never looked at the stats. Of education and welfare together I don’t believe I would have thought education needs more money for the arts. I believe if welfare receives that much then we should get more than 99.9 billion. But I’m still not sure I believe art needs funding over other chosen degrees of education. I believe they should be equally important. Poor artists have survived since the beginning of time; the cave man didn’t need such funding when they started painting! As far as we have come I don’t believe we need anymore funding or government expenditure for the arts, but could increase in education as whole.

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