Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Modern Artists' Role

Modern artists have created their own special role in the history of art.  Their art is so different than art of the past with different goals to achieve and different visions to create.  Their new role is to take their imagination to the fullest and take art to a whole new level.  Many modern artists achieve this through their experiments of different techniques and through using a variety of mediums.  Many things affect the style, technique, medium, and subject matter of an era of art.  The modern artists were mostly influenced by the great changes occurring in society.  The industrial revolution caused society to change drastically. 

Although the role of the “masters” was very different to that of the modern artists, both roles are very important.  The “masters” role was to establish perfection in the way they painted and created realistic paintings.  Accomplishing complete understanding on lighting and depth were the goal of the “masters” of art.  Modern artists have created a new way to create art even though they have mostly left behind the old ways of the “masters” and created their own way of creating a masterpiece. 

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