Saturday, November 15, 2008

Governments involvement in funding the arts?

As far as government funding the arts I feel it’s good financially for many under funded art programs however, with our government having as many problems as it does currently I feel that government should use that funding on more important issues such as health care and rising numbers of unemployment.

Another fact of the matter is that if government is finding an arts program there is a chance that they will try to censor the artist, which affects the artist free expression. On the other hand, we cannot forget that in the past that government has played a vital role in keeping the arts alive. Artists have been embraced by the government to create political propaganda posters or advertisements.

It is also important as far as government funding art in education. Although the art and music departments in most schools lack funding it is important for developing minds to express themselves through art and/or music. For many schools is where they are introduced to art. Without this introduction to art in school, it makes you wonder if some of our most famous artists would have discovered their passion for art at all.

Overall, I feel government should be involved in public forms of art including the education systems. As far as private arts, I feel that should not be funded or involve the government at all, of course unless the artists themselves allow government to be involved.

As you can see, there are many difficulties regarding government’s involvement in the arts. Many of their funding projects involve education of arts in the schools, which to me is of highest importance.

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