Monday, October 6, 2008

Photography's impact on the world...

What has been photography’s impact on the world of fine art, illustration, and graphic design?

Photography has had an impact on the world of fine art, illustration, and graphic design. Photogenic drawings called photogram’s were brought on by photography. These drawings of a positive and a negative image were created by light. An illustration is a drawing. And photography is a light drawing. Photography made it easier to draw at times because an illustrator could use a photograph to assist in his or her drawing. This could be considered a reference tool or an inspirational tool.

“The first photomechanical color illustrations were printed in the 1881 Christmas issue of the Paris magazine L’llustration.” The “…photomechanical reproduction began to rapidly make obsolete the highly skilled craftsmen who transferred artists’ designs to handmade printing plates.” These quotes can be found in our text on page 149. These quotes explain some of the influence photography had on graphic design. I would think that a photograph would also help the designer compose a layout for his or her magazine.

Fine artists painted from a photograph at times. Photography helped fine artists by the way of providing light, new view points, and wide-angle effects. Also if a painter were painting from a photograph they did not have to worry about their image changing half way through their painting. A photograph was a stagnant image so a person would not have any worries of it moving or changing. It could also be referred to as “painting optical reality” this quote is from my notes taken during class.

In my opinion photography is a wonderful talent. And I do believe it assisted in the impact on the world of fine art, illustration, and graphic design. I have a diploma in photography and any time I get the opportunity to incorporate photography into a design I take that opportunity. I think a photograph incorporated into a design just gives that design more character and uniqueness. Photography can also help a person see the world in a different way.

Misty J Slavens

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