Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Renaissance Aesthetic

Renaissance art is known for its dominant form of aesthetic because of the time it was created in.  Renaissance art has been known by having this beautiful, gentle, and growing touch to its pieces.  During the Renaissance period, was when we really see "MASTERS" of art come to life.  With so many artist driving to perfect the human body and create beautiful scenery it introduced everyone to a different kind of art.  In the past artist were commissioned to paint for the churches and create bible stories in the form of art.  Even though these artworks that are hanging in church's interior are beautiful, it really doesn't give the artist to create their own art subjects.  With Renaissance art filled with so many artist creating their own styles it started a new wave of art.  From trial and errors artist learned how to use perspective in a painting to make the audience feel like their in the painting.  The artist now concentrated on painting landscapes, architecture, children, portraits, and many more.  Leaving behind the church's commission and being able to create art for others left the artist wanting to learn new techniques and making their art work the best they could.  While others see Renaissance as old or even outdated, I do like looking back at Renaissance art.  Looking at the Renaissance art give me a look back into the times that these artist lived in.  I enjoy how Renaissance paintings because they are so crisp and seem so real.  I enjoy that after doing so much work for the church that these artist from the Renaissance time were able to create their own work and create their own styles.  I do like Renaissance art because we don't see much of that style anymore and now we can spot an artist who is trying to mimic the Renaissance style of art.

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