Monday, October 6, 2008

Impact of Photography on Art.

Photography has been called art by some and not by others. The perception of what is fine art is, at best, objective. What is beautiful is someone’s eyes may seem like junk to others. The way art is viewed by the artist and a photograph is seen by the photographer are very similar. The amount of time invested by the artist is considerable compared to the snap of the shutter.

Maybe in that way photography isn’t art, but beauty can be seen in many ways. As time goes on, there seems to be a blending of the two. We can now change a photo to look like a painting through various computer programs. In time, perhaps even that will be surpassed and we will be able to duplicate the actual brush stroke down to the finest detail.

Photography is becoming more and more like illustration with the advent of the computer. Now a computer-generated image can take the place of actors on the movie screen. With Illustrator and similar vector programs, you can take a photo and meld it into anything you wish. By using various parts of the application, you can even make an illustration out of various pictures.

Graphic design has developed over the years from drawings into illustrations, then into fine art. As history passed, the photograph was married to the illustrations and typography but now with the computer even more of a joining of the two is possible. What once was a separate element now has become a completed design.

We can now trick the eye into believing what we want it to see. We can make a picture seem to come to life. As time goes forward, things will become more intertwined with art and photography.

Artists will always have their art in some form or fashion. Photographers will always be taking pictures. In the future, they both will come to appreciate what lies beneath these, the beauty of a scene, the wonder of nature.

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