Thursday, October 2, 2008

Best of the Best

I think it is seen as the dominant form of artistic skill because of the lens cheat. Before hand no one could make the lines so perfect. The artist that used the lens didn’t want anyone to know about it so much of the world still thinks they eyeballed it. The reason why modern art is not considered better is because it is now left up to technology. Today we are not taking such a risk when doing our art. If the picture didn’t come out right just take it again, if you painted where you didn’t want to paint just hit ctrl+z to undo it and try again. Our art today is so much simpler that even if we make something better we still credit the help f technology.
I do not think it should be credit with the dominant stand put of art. I think because they used technology they made art to easy to be considered the best of the best. The art that should be held the highest is the art that looks good and was made before or without the lens. I would not say art today should be the best because we use technology to make it that way. It just seems like cheating to use technology if you ask me.
-Sean Trinkle
note: I loged on to see what kinda stuff everyone else wrote and noticed mine didnt show up. Luckly i saved it but now its late.

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