Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Engraved.

In his time he was thought to some to be insane. But ten decades later William Blake has transformed into a genius of his time. From poetry to the arts to printing there is no confusion Blake is a one of a kind. Blake had early shown an interest in and aptitude for drawing, so at the age of ten Blake entered Henry Pars’ drawing school. Then four years later Blake started a seven-year apprenticeship with an engraver named James Basire. Through out Blake’s life he found his inspiration in the lord. In his poems and engraving that he illustrated involving the beliefs of the lord.
In 1782 Blake married Catherine Sophia Boucher. They had no children witch probably let Blake focus on his work. But Catherine wasn’t only a housewife she was Blake’s helper as well. Blake taught Catherine how to read and write and before you know it they worked together on many of Blake’s publications. As an artist Blake admired and studied the works of Raphael, Heemskerk, Durer, and Michelangelo, who would become important influences to the fantastic and at times apocalyptic illustrations he created for his own writings. So when the question is asked is William Blake a fine artist or a great illustrator of his time. If chosen fine artist that would infer that Blake tried to create beauty, Witch I don’t believe Blake intended even though it was looked at as great beauty. I believe he was trying to capture an audience by the art to put out his words in poetry witch makes him to me a brilliant illustrator that will be engraved in history forever.

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