Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The evolution of photography snapshot

The dictionary definition of Photography, the process of forming stable or permanent visible images directly or indirectly by the action of light or other forms of radiation on sensitive surfaces. My definition, a lack of imagination, an act of looking through a scope exploding the history of art. Patience is a gift that history made many artists famous. The patience to not simply scan ahead nor take exactly from the earth, but the vision to and imagination to create our own interpretation.

For thousands of years painting is all we have known. Painting takes time and skill, witch not everyone can dedicate to or grasp. For the one that cannot grasp they should thank the lord for the camera obscura. Ibn Al-Haythan invented the devise. The devise is used to project an image onto paper so it can be copied with no effort or artistic ability what so ever. Soon after the same man invented the pinhole camera in 1850.

Later on as the evolution of the camera developed, more and more time it took and skill to create a glorious photograph or art if you will. Photography began to grow on artists and created a new art and artist called photographers. With out this inventions the mind can’t begin to describe what life might be life. It is for certain that the economy and businesses wouldn’t be where they are today if we haven’t come this far in the evolution of the camera. At the end it is clear the brush only strokes so far but the road of graphic illustrations and art will never end.

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