Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Renassance rocks

Renaissance art moved the world beyond the limits of the Byzantine style with works of art that revealed a movement to inspire impulse's toward naturalism. Establishing paintings, sculptures and architect as major contributors in the culture of European life and restoring the naturalistic approach developed by the ancients. the renaissance age regenerated a method of pictorial expression based on observation and initiated an age that might be called early science, gaining knowledge of the world.
The Renaissance artists created works of art with such mastery that generations of future artists relied on these artworks for instruction and inspiration. Artists could claim divine inspiration and be given the same kind of status that was formerly given only to poet's. The Renaissance artist's such as DaVinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo have captivated the public interest with the scope and the depth of all their inventive imagination. Intelligence, talent and foresight mapped routes to bring art and science into the future.
DaVinci's achievement with his groundbreaking identification of atmospheric setting and the scientific curiosity with sharing the same environment emerged through lighting and shades of the curvatures in the landscapes. The introduction of less expensive paper and developing printing industry allowed artists to draw with greater freedom.
Design was the foundation of art and drawing was a fundamental element of design. I truly believe the Renaissance era was a most spectacular time and most beneficial time in art history. Mostly because it still inspires people after centuries. Just look at the cleaning and restoration of the Sistine chapel ceiling. Restorers removed years of accumulated dirt to uncover much of the artist original craft in form,color,style, and procedure. if you cant enjoy that than there has to be something wrong with you not the art.

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