Thursday, September 18, 2008

Primavera by Botticelli (extra credit)

Watching the short film about the Primavera painting was the first time that I have ever seen the painting by Botticelli. I do recall seeing the Birth of Venus painting before but never studied any of Botticelli's work as explained in the film about the Primavera. Noticing all the details in the painting was amazing and knowing that one man did it alone and had the imagination to create a masterpiece like this one was incredible. At first, glancing at the painting i noticed Venus in the middle and at first without any knowledge of the painting it reminded me of the Virgin Mary in a way. Keeping Venus in the middle had my eyes move in on her at first then move around to the surrounding. Venus's hands are even bent over in a way that also reminded me of the Virgin Mary. After Venus I immediately looked to the right where it seems to change moods. I didn't know the story behind what was going on between Zephyrus and Chloris. During the film it was revealed that Zephyrus raped Chloris and in the end she was transformed into a beautiful goddess of spring(Flora). It seemed strange to have this scene in a beautiful/peaceful painting like this one but in the end it made sense. I didn't know that during the 1400s families had arranged marriages. At first I'm sure that the couple didn't know much about each other and eventually fell in love but this painting is demonstrating how love and happiness comes in the end. Chloris looks shocked and ashamed in a way next to Zephyrus but to the left of her is Flora the beautiful spring goddess that is smiling and is beautifully dressed. It was explained in the film that such gifts as this painting were given to couples as a wedding gift. I wouldn't of never guessed that this would be okay to give for a newlywed but giving their arranged marriages suggest that this scene with Flora and Zephyrus is explainable. It was also said that Mercury in the painting could have been Botticelli only made prettier. I love how the Three Graces are so beautifully placed and how they seem to be so peaceful. The lines in their clothing seems so light and how they seem so realistic. The flowers in the painting are also great because of the variety that Botticelli painted. He could of just painted one type but instead Incorporated over 100 types of flowers. The overall painting is just beautiful for its time. I could not imagine someone spending over a year to create something so beautiful and to figure out that this was never in a museum also shocked me.

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