Monday, September 1, 2008

Nathan's Introduction

Hello fellow bloggers. My name is Nathan Allen. (Yes, like the sports writer, and No, not like Nate Dawg.) This is my introduction, and I'm just going to get in the swing of the whole word-vomit blogging thing right now. You honestly don't have to read this whole thing unless you like dribble...

I'm a pretty fantastic guy if you haven't met very many exciting dudes before. I like coffee and beer. I like girls who wear colorful scarves. I like a lot of other really normal very average things that most 23 year old college guys would like; frisbee, porn, Escher posters, jack johnson... you get it.

I like art but mostly I just like thinking about it. I'd say only about 3% of my ideas make it onto a canvas or paper or whatever, so if you ever hear one of my ideas that you wanna steal, you should just go with it. I'll call off the lawyers if I think you did a good job.

I've been doing graphic and website design since I was 14 so Photoshop and Illustrator feel more natural to me than a real pen. This can be disturbing when I'm taking paper notes in class and lose my shit when I can't find the "P" key.

Although this is part of the graphic design program, I also need to know a whole lot more about the history of graphic design...Perhaps discover some heroes. Like maybe those poor bastards that had to carve letters out of metal just to print something. I mean really, screw that. I woulda just been a damn doctor.

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