Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Movement from Death

As we all know chaos struck throughout the Italian peninsula, this great chaos known as the Black Death. Striking down a majority of whatever and whoever happened to be near it. Art being one of them, once chaos hit all the beauty and peacefulness from artists work flew out the window. The only things in the minds of the people was "hell on earth". Now with this image constantly running circles around everyday life, it would be hard to concentrate on anything else; flowers, butterflies, bunnies. Ha, more like illness, hospitals, coffins, darkness, skeletons. People express feelings and emotions in a variety of ways. In this particular case the people couldn't feel anything but emptiness, its all they knew. They didnt have a choice other than to attempt to make a masterpiece of the wickedness around. As the 14th century arrived the art transition formed; more of a focus on humanistic developments and achievements. This becoming the movement from Death, into the light.

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