Monday, September 15, 2008

David Hockney Film

This knowledge and theory of the early Renaissance art was an overall shock, a completely new perspective. To be honest, expectations were set marginally higher for the individuals who were producing works during this time period. Artists then seemed to be above the law, the old school Hollywood in a sense. Society awaiting an individuals next piece like our society awaits movies, Cd's, cell phones this was a source of entertainment as well as history. The truth of the matter is the artists weren't above the law at all, they were everyday people with a talented trade. Hockney approached pieces from the 14th century on, and figured out that a camera obscura was used for the most accurate approach. The camera obscura mirrored the image onto the artists paper upside down, by then tracing the image the artist has no problem composing a good piece because everything is laid out in front of them. Is this cheating? I look at it in two different perspectives, one this camera obscura is just another tool they found to better their work as a t-square is to an architect. Another point of view that is bought to attention. Were the famous artists of this time really that "good", as seen from Hockney's theory half of their works were already completed for them.

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