Friday, September 12, 2008

About Tara...

Hello my name is Tara Littrell. I am trying for a major in Graphic Design. I love to draw and am willing to try out new forms of art. I have tried out sculpting, painting with watercolors, painting with acrilic, used computer programs, and have an intrest in photography. Cats have made their way to my top favorite animal. The next are horses. Fayetteville is the native hometown and i reside there still. So the drive to bentonville is a pain but its worth it. Stormy days are my favorite days, well as long as i can stay home... so the nights are usually better plus its more relaxing. I do have a bad habit of loving TV. Dont have a specific favorite. Like many and dislike just as many. pretty much the basics about me. Anything that any one is interested in about me, just ask me about it.

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