Sunday, August 31, 2008


My name is Rodger Austin. I am going to school at NWACC for graphic design. I recently moved here from Fort Smith because of my parents health. Originally, I am from Northwest Arkansas. I was going to school at UA-Fort Smith previously because of the Whirlpool layoffs. I worked at Whirlpool for 8 years but previously had been in sales and marketing. One position I held was marketing director for Ben Pearson archery. I was responsible for all catalogs, trade shows, and product development. During that time,I worked with the graphic designers on catalogs, dealer newsletters, signage, and packaging. That wasn't my first experience with design, but was the most involved I had ever been. My daughter is also a designer in Oklahoma.
I hope to do consulting work when I'm finished with school, especially designing web pages. I also hope to do some art for fun as I've always enjoyed it.

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