Sunday, August 31, 2008

Graphic Design versus Fine Art

To me, graphic design focuses on visual communication and presentation. Graphic design uses symbols, images and words to communicate. When I think of graphic design I think of commercial art, advertising, web design, product packaging, logos, etc. On the other hand, when I think of fine art I think of paintings, sculptures, dancing, architecture, and so on.
Both graphic design and fine art deal with creativeness, as a graphic designer one will almost always have a person in charge. As a graphic designer you will either be taking orders from the client or from your boss. Although, as an artist you call the shots, you will be drawing, painting, or sculpting whatever it is that you would like to see today. Graphic design and fine art are both ways to express yourself, to relieve stress, to take a picture from your mind and put it onto paper, canvas, or a computer screen. Graphic design serves a purpose. Fine art has no need to. As a graphic designer you will take you ideas a put them in a way to communicate the subject to viewers. As a fine artist you take your thoughts and put them on canvas to do the same.

I feel as though art has been taking advantage of. Without graphic design, the world would be so dull, so neutral. We seek to choose beauty, whether it is on billboards, DVD covers, toothbrushes, or web sites. Without paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and photography, what would we have? Fine art is not only in demand for gallery exhibitions, but I feel as though it is being integrated into commercial use as well.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

"Graphic design uses symbols, images and words to communicate." Fine art doesn't?