Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is less realy more?

Since the very beggining of time, designers have sought to fullfill the needs of thier customers by applying basic concepts to thier applications and ultimately meeting certain needs of the masses. After it is all said and done, a design will be judged on whether it has met the needs of the consumer for which it was produced. Therefore, said design must take into consideration
what is being asked of it in the first place. Whether less is actually more is realy an individual's opinion. As far as the design is concerned, the ultimate product answers this question with how well it stands up to the needs of its consumers.

One can argue that minimalism as reflected in japanese traditional design would be the way to go. You would have no more than what you needed to maintain yourself. All additional objects would be out of sight until needed. Spaces would be clean and clear of debris. In an ever bustling world, this concept goes a long way.

The Gizmodo
This cellphone design by Jacob Palmborg is for all those who loathe the iPhone and are sick and tired of hearing about it. This one's just a cellphone that plays a bit of music and stores a list of your contacts, nothing more. What a concept! It has an attractive OLED touchscreen interface that appears underneath its spooky-looking black fa├žade, and on the back there's a fingerprint ID screen so the phone will know that you are actually you.

Does this phone need an introduction?

On the other hand, Victorian style and design is its exact opposite. Most , if not all space would be covered with ornamentation of some kind. objects would have elaborate details and feel the need to push the "visual limit". Although it is contradictory to that of minimalism, it still a contender as well as a reminder of how new designs can be made.

We can start with an example that everybody at this point can relate to. Obviousely, the phone is a very important product in today's society. There are so many options that one can review them all day and still not make a choice. Apparently it is much more than something you talk through. Your whole life can be stored in it. Surprisingly enough, not all people feel the same way of this device. For example, my father goes on and on about how he just needs a phone to make calls- thats it. Many of the same devices mean different things for different people.

Whether you need a cell phone or its many options is solely up to you. If you feel the need to complicate your life further with ornamentation, go ahead. If you need to keep it simpler, by all means please do so. As long as your needs are being met, and the design has met its goals pertaining to form and function, then you have found your answer to whether less is more!

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