Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is less more than what?

So I am taking a break from painting to answer the question... is less more in terms of design. Well, I would have to say, it depends. Most of the time simpicity is the key. Most people are looking for "the point" not all of the fluff. I think it is always better (as a designer or artist) to stop yourself when spinning your wheels. Over working an idea may seem like a great idea to some but it can lead to an over worked piece. There are many examples of art and design that show how simplicity can really speak to a person. These examples show how much feeling can be evoked from a person with such little influence. Simple can sometimes be obscure-- this can be a great thing because the meaning can be left open to interpretation. Now, if this is a good thing or not when it comes to design is probably a question for another time. I personally  like the simple and obscure... hey, it gets your attention and usually that is the point, right? Sometimes simplicity will not cut the cake. This may depend on the client and the project. Most principles of design work against the busy and crowded environment but some rules are meant to be broken. Designers and artists alike cross these boundaries and this can be considered innovative. Well, enough with the contradictions. Is less more? Absolutely, but not always. 

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