Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MJS_Journal Entry # 3_Egyptians

What is your theory as to why Egyptians seem so preoccupied with continuity and permanence?

Egyptians seem so preoccupied with continuity and permanence because of their beliefs. They believed that they needed to build a sturdy tomb for their king. What motivated the Egyptians was their belief that they would be indestructible threw the king when he would return from the dead. They built the tomb / pyramid by lining parallel sides up with two stars that they called “the indestructibles”. These two stars are what the Egyptians would use to line up their angles while constructing the pyramids. The belief was that the two stars are what resurrected the king from the dead. Also, the stars were believed to be heaven so the entrance would face the two stars. This paragraph describes the continuity or state of being continuous.

Also, the fact that everything was created out of the strongest of materials makes me believe that the Egyptians knew the strength of the statues and pyramids they were creating. This was so their king’s image would be standing for a long period of time even after their death. The reason coffins from the Egyptian era still exist is because of the determination of the Egyptian workers. For example, the inner coffin of Tutankhamen (on page 66 in our book) is still in good condition. This is because the Egyptians worked together to build these massive pyramids in which the coffins were kept. The pyramids were solid rock except for the pathways to the different chambers with in it. The chambers compared to the size of the overall pyramid had to be small. The image on page 49 in our book does a good job of showing size in my opinion. The great size and accuracy is why they have lasted so long.

The permanence of the Egyptians would be their teamwork and dedication. Any individual or group has to be dedicated to do what they did in order to complete such wonders. For example, statues, elaborate paintings, pyramids, villages, coffins, masks, and not to mention a language depicted by images. Egyptians lived for their king, who in turn lived and died in order to come back bringing his people with him into immortality.

In my opinion it is best to live for something rather than die for nothing. I think RAMBO says something like that too. :o) Maybe that is what he says, I cannot remember at the moment.

Misty J Slavens

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