Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Egyptians reason for permance and continuity!

My theory on the egyptians to why they were so preocupied with continuity and permance is they craved immortality. Everything to the the way the kings expected his/hers peoples to worship them was as if they were god almighty him self.From the unmost important pesient to the king, they believed there lives would go to another place for eternal. So there the egyptians wanted what they had to be remebered for ever! This is why they made huge statues and tombs big as a mountain for only one person.This here is were the egyptians got caought up on continuity and permance. We watched a movie on a fictional character that was a stone mason who helped build the pyramid of Geza. The movie almost made it seem as if they were forced to build it, but it turned out to be a compatition between diffrent groups of workers.This compatition was to see who could pull the lime stones the fastes to the spot on the pyramid were it belonged. Which according to the movie this helped speed up the process of the building of the pyramid. Like i said this was a fictional movie, my oppinon is that the egyptians were a proud nation and built the pyramid for the king so they could have a part of them selves along with the king and the pyramid that would continuly last forever. Anyways this goes along with my theory to why the egyptians were so cought up on continuity and permance.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

The movie was not fictional. It was a dramatic reenactment.