Monday, February 4, 2008

Apocalyptic Fun

Many of the covers for bands or exhibitions that are seen today have some sort of apocalyptic nature about them. In the manuscripts that we have seen in chapter 4 we see a design that is depicting or describing an even that happened during that time period, that people were wanting to remember. Also, another thing that these designs were trying to get across to the viewer was a pictorial representation of something that the people were able to understand. Since literacy was not as prominent, especially with lower class families, these people needed pictures to explain or to help them understand or remember a story. Now, we have words that a good portion of people are able to understand.

The designs that we see today are not usually used to actually represent something, but more to come across to want to grab the viewer’s attention. In some cases they show a theme or a “logo” to the type of event that they are attempting to show information about. To some extent there is an extreme popularity with the gothic art work and the Renaissance of things in today’s society. Many people attending festivals or even produce artwork that is replicas of what we might have seen back in the 4th or 5th centuries. The main differences, of course, are that these pieces of artwork and not always used to get across a story as much as they are being used for actual pieces of artwork. This is what separates what they were attempting to do back in the 4th century as opposed to what the artists of today are attempting to do.

My images were found here:

Salve Regina
Retablo Poster
18" x 24"

Apocalyptic Resurrection
Daniel Martin Diaz
2006 Solo Exhibition Poster
18" x 24"

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