Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Apocalypse: then and now

When looking at the images in the manuscripts, you can see that the images are created on the basis of the environment and the beliefs of the people. It could be said that not much has changed. The end of the world or human kind can be interpreted in many ways today. My thought is that they were a little more limited in possibility. The world today offers death and destruction many doors. These avenues have created new theories on the apocalypse and how it might arrive. A virus or chemical that can raise the dead or cause a the body to go through these stages and become a flesh eating"zombie" is one of those theories that has been beat into the ground through film and literature. I am not saying that todays interpretation of the "end of the world" is less based on beliefs, I am saying we have found new ways of interpretating and applying it to our environment and the state of affairs. 
I also took notice to a ton images I found making light or poking fun at the thought or idea of this topic. The logo posted above is a logo for a slot machine game. Funny, huh? I thought, wow, we have come a long way from a serious enterpretation of dooms day. While there are still some who still take the subject seriously, you really can't blame the ones who make fun. How may times have we heard, "the sky is falling!"  

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