Monday, January 28, 2008

What are the differences between fine arts and graphic design?

I believe that there are many differences between fine art and graphic design. But on the other hand there are many similarities. When I think of fine art I think of very extravagant paintings. Like on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel where Michelangelo painted one of his greatest masterpieces. And then when I think of graphic design I think of magazine ads or billboards on the interstates. I do think that it takes the same type of person to do both fine arts and graphic designs. One has to be able to think beyond the box and create something that no other has. Nobody wants to see a magazine add that just had the competitors product replaced and there product inserted. People want to see something new and exciting! A variety of colors and objects arranged to really catch your attention. The same goes for fine arts also, but I think it just depends on what type of audience the artist is trying to reach. A big difference between graphic design and fine arts are the way they are created. Normally a graphic designer will use a computer program to create his design and fully perfect it. Graphic designers are able to correct things, or change them if they are not perfect the first time. But an artist has to have his painting correct the first time or he must start over from scratch. With all that being said, its all just a matter of what is being created and why. There is a wide variety from what types of art or graphic designs are being done. And what one person likes can differ greatly from another. But that is the good thing about mankind. Not one person is exactly like another. And that is what makes a great artist.

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