Wednesday, January 16, 2008

hello there

Hi there, my name is Mary Rose and i live in springdale, AR. I work a 40 hour job and go to school.....yeah for me not for my poor body thats not use to it! lol! i use to live in Missouri where i went to school and graduated. I grew up near Eureka Springs, soooo i'm sorta of a "hippie". that's what most my friends call me anyway or flowergirl b/c i'm always wearing a flower in my hair. i love being different from everyone else that's why sometimes you'll see me sporting a frohawk. lol! i know women aren't suppose to have one it looks funny, but whatever! I love rock from any era but couldn't tell you what band played what songs b/c i don't remember stuff like that unless it's a band that i really care about. i'm also a professional artist i have sold some of my work to many of people around this area. Some of my art is pretty,some isn't. it depends on my mood at the time.

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