Sunday, January 27, 2008

Graphic design=Fine art?

Can graphic design be included in the same field as painting, drawing or sculpting? Well, it's definitely an art but as far as similarities go, I think there are far more differences.

The evolution of graphic design no doubt started through fine art but within the last few decades I think it has branched off into a category of its own within the art world.

Graphic design is a career field because it has a functional purpose. Companies hire designers to create corporate identity, target potential buyers, the list is endless. Graphic design is far more commercial than most fine art.

Not to downplay or criticize fine art in any way. Fine art serves a purpose but usually not the same purpose as graphic design.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

"Graphic design is far more commercial than most fine art." I guess now we'd have to define what is meant by "commercial."