Friday, January 25, 2008

Does art need to be intentional and or represntational?

When asked if art should be intentional and representational there are certainly mixed views. All throughout history art has been made for several reasons. Many works of art that we see today were intended for their function/purpose. As in tools, armor, weapons we see these artifacts on display in museums the world over. There are also several famous art pieces that were created unintentionally by artists. Even though they unintentional they have become some of the most famous art pieces, as we know it. Take for instance art historians have claimed that Raphael unintentionally created very deep shadows and an extremely dark background in The Transfiguration of Christ (1517-1520. It has been said that Raphael never intended to do this effect. By Raphael “working through his unintentional moment he created some of his most famous work.

Another instance is a piece titled Fountain by Marcel Duchamp. Historians have categorized this piece of art into a category called “ready-mades” (also known as found art), Simply because he made use of an existing object. In this case a urinal. He signed this piece signed "R. Mutt". He submitted in an art show out of humor. Strangely enough this piece was lost shortly after this. Obviously Duchamp saw something in the urinal that sparked his interest. Duchamp has become famous simply for taking an object from its intended use and making it something quite interesting.

To me art neither needs to be intentional or representational. In my opinion art is a way that I can express myself by evoking emotion, making a statement or simply illustrating a character drawing. There have been several art projects that I have done some new technique completely unintentionally to have it turn into something great. I had an art teacher tell me once that there are no mistakes in art. When you feel like you have ruined something and you can’t go back she told me to work through it. She said I would be pleased with the results. Honestly to this day I have had many instances that applies to this scenario to this day. In conclusion art seems to happen either being intentional and/or representational. It’s really a matter of personal perception and opinion.

Anna Stanhope

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