Sunday, January 27, 2008

I think that art does not have to be intentional. I completely agree with what was said in class that sometime one does something completely unintentional and then you can not go back and recreate it. I am not an artist but I do tend to doodle with it from time to time just messing around I think that this scenario can apply to everyone at some point in life or another. I also do not thing that art must be representational some of the art I like is just paint splashed onto the canvas and it lands and is what it is. I find that all the colors elevate my mood. I also like the kind of art that when you look at it you usually can see something different depending on your mood, for example it you are depressed or sad you can see the sadness in the painting I have also found that passed events in a persons life has a lot to do with how something is interpreted. If you have had a good life you only see the good in everything including art. But those who have been abused or had a hard life see things differently. I would have to define art as anything visually satisfying, or special photos or even some graphic design ads I would consider as art.

Shanna Mitchell

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